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Fraîche 2 Death

Post Service

Welcome to a different kind of space for self-reflection. This is the podcast of Post Service, a mental health studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is focused on facilitating discussions around death, grief, and nourishment. I am your host, Xanthippi de Vito (please call me Tippi), a mental health practitioner specializing in grief support, end-of-life care, health coaching, and maternal mental health. The intention of Fraîche 2 Death is to bring awareness to what feeds us, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually. I'll speak with special guests, unpacking their experiences with them and understanding more about their relationship to nourishment, as well as solo episodes where I'll discuss topics that are permeating the Post Service ether. Should you feel called to reach out about a topic you would like to discuss, drop me a line in my DM's @post.service.cph Speak to you soon- T